Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Protein Rich | Deep Conditioner | Soothing Hair Mask

Deep Anti -Itch Conditioner | Protein Conditioner

What You Need

Tee Tree Oil
Alcohol Based Conditioner
1 Egg
1 drop of peppermint
Castor Oil
2 Vitamin E capsule
Coconut Oil

What To Do

Fill container halfway with alcohol based conditioner
Add 1 beaten Egg
Add 2 vitamin e capsules
1 drop of peppermint
3 drops of Tee Tree Oil
1 Spoon Of Mayo
Fill the remaining space with  pure coconut oil

Mix ingredients.  Apply generously to Damp hair in sections. Don a plastic cap for 30 minutes. Rinse completely with cool water. Follow up with a co-wash using a slippery conditioner. Be sure to use a leave in conditioner, as well.  Before Your hair Completely Drys, Seal in your soft results with a rich butter(Shea), or nutrient oil (Olive).

Who Should Use This?

I recommend this DIY Mix if you are dealing with:

Dry Hair
Dry Scalp
Itchy Scalp
Crunchy Ends
Single Strand Knots
Dandruff Flakes