Tuesday, June 17, 2014

3 styles that take less than 10

3 styles that take less than 10 
Only have 10mins to get out the door? Here are 3 styles that will get you out the door fast, while looking stylish.

Short Hair

Coiled TWA

This classic style is beautiful, and easy to accomplish. Start with moisturized hair. Add oil, a gel, or styling cream to the palm of your hand. Run  your hand in a circular motion all over your head. The circular motion, combined with the added moisturizer should encourage your hair to coil up. Use gel to lay your edges if you like, or enjoy your hair full of little coils. This style can be pepped up with simple, or extravagant accessories.

High Puff

For a casual look, you can never go wrong with a high puff. This look can be achieved on hair 4 inches or longer. This adorable style can also be jazzed up with the use of accessories. To get the look, you can use a head band, pantie hose, bra strap, or any elastic material. The trick is to keep the front of the headband close to you hairline while you gently push the back of the head band up into a high ponytail/puff. Keeping the front of the headband closest to the hairline allows your puff to appear huge, even if your hair is 4 inches long.

Med/Long Hair
Marley Bun

I have recently began to fall in love with Marley buns. Marley hair is wrapped around your bun, or a donut. This low manipulation hairstyle is great for when you  have just a few, and need an elegant and easy style. I start with moisturized hair. After soaking my crown, and hairline under running water I gather my wet hair in a high bun, smoothing with the palms of my hands. Next, add JBCO, and continue to smooth.  Wear a silk scarf until dry. Remove, and wrap Marley hair around your bun, one piece of hair at a time. Add more gel as needed for a sleek look.