Sunday, May 18, 2014

Meet This Curly Girl | Growing to Love Her TWA

Finding Confidence Rocking my TWA

My big chop liberated me! 
I always said that I would cut my hair when I was ready to make a change. 
And my change finally came.

I've always been a little wary of short hair. I thought I couldn't be beautiful without long, thick, and straight hair. The fact that I had a boyfriend who hated natural hair made me even more self conscious about myself. I was always worried that I looked bad with my hair in its natural curly state.

When I first cut my hair, my first reaction was 'Ohmygod, what did I just do!'. I kept wearing my wig for a while because I didn't want anybody to see my length, even though my hair is already at collarbone length once it's stretched out. I was hesitant to post pictures on my Instagram showing my face AND my haircut, because I thought people would judge me.

But then I got tired of wearing my hair braided up everyday. I wanted to experiment with the styles that I lusted over for the past year and three months that I couldn't do before. I tried my first wash n go and got compliments on it. Friends and family were complimenting me on my hair, how it curls, how it's so pretty. Even though I don't have the longest hair or the loosest curl pattern, I started to learn to love my hair. It's an ongoing process. Some photos still make me cringe, but I feel freer this way (it also helps that my sister threatens to beat me up if I talk negatively about myself in front of her).

I've made the decision to start posting more photos of my hair to force myself to get used to it, and to document how far it's come in my hair journey. I hope that some of you who may be nervous about rocking your TWA can take some inspiration from me: a socially awkward girl who can't stand showing her face.

They say that greatness can come once you go outside of your comfort zone, and trust me- I'm so out of my comfort zone I can barely see it anymore. Push the limits & see how far they take you.

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