Monday, April 28, 2014

Weave that looks like natural hair

 Counts Down the Top 4  'Natural Looking' Extensions


This highly textured, Synthetic hair, made of Kanekalon Fiber can be used for twists, braids, buns, Chunky flat twists, and so many more styles. 


This Synthetic hair is cheep, and versatile.

Water Wave

This Hair can be used in braids, and looks similar to a twistout. Many bands sell this texture in bulk or on a weft/track.

Heat Free Hair

This new brand is quickly gaining popularity, the price point is a little higher than the brands above, but many are in love with it's quality, and the ability to reuse the hair for countless styles. Looking for a brand that looks just like 4 c hair. You may want to look into Heat Free Hair!