Sunday, April 6, 2014

Big Choppers | DIY Salon Barber

Hey Big Choppers

We asked a group of curly girls where they turned for their big chop. Here is what they said:

  •  I went to my hairstylist. She told me to come back when it grows to get a relaxer -___- lol
  • I did it myself!!

  •  Myself. I cut my own locs off

  •  Barber. I wanted the back to b cut/shaped evenly.

  • I did the big chop on my bday last year I went to a barbershop and feel in love with my new style

  •  I did it myself.

  •  Myself!!!

  •  Someone did it for me. Mainly cuz I was super nervous. And thankfully cuz I would a had a hot mess lol

  •  A beauty school/co worker did mine.
     I went to the salon...

  • Salon

  •  I did it myself.

  • Did it myself

  • Beauty school

  • I did it myself i was cryin while i did it but it was the most liberating experience

  • I cut my locks off

  •  I went to a salon because I needed it shaped right all the way around for the beginning and since my hair was so long and I had just a little new growth. I would cut it myself from now on though

  • I went to my stylist

  • I pulled my hair back into a ponytail and chopped the ponytail off...then my fiance got the clippers and shaped it...

  •  Salon

  • Myself

  • First time I did it, second time my sister and the last time a stylist did my BC at a natural hair event.

  • Salon

  • Myself

  • Barber Shop
  •  Salon

  • Yes April the 19 2014 will be 1 year since my big chop! I  Went to a barber

  • Barbershop... he opened the shop up that night for me do it could be private and my husband did a video.1/2/2014. I love it.
  •  Salon! Only to turn around and re-chop more of it the very next day. She left bout an inch of relaxer on my hair :(

  •  In

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