Monday, March 24, 2014

Fist Time Using Henna? Check out what Henna Heads Have to say about it!

One Curly Girl's Quest to Banish Single Strand

 Knots Leads  to 


On a quest to reduce my Single Strand Knots, I discovered henna. Did a little research and realised that Jamila henna is more popular with naturals but I came to know of another brand from a kurly girl called Godrej Nupur Henna.

 I liked it because it has some ayurvedic herbs. To apply the henna, my routine was quite simple.


I did a strand test,  I divided the hair into two. On the first one I applied Curly Nikkis glossy henna treatment which consists of

  1.  henna
  2. a conditioner+ or minus an oil,
  3. and green tea. 
On the other hair ball I applied a mixture of henna & coconut milk only.  I left these overnight.

After analyzing the results, I find that I  preferred the coconut milk Solution. The Next morning I cleansed my hair with raw black soap then applied my henna-coconut milk treatment. I left it on for 5.5h then rinsed it off. It rinsed off very easily. I followed the henna treatment with a Deep Conditioner. After  my first application,my hair was softer & my knots had reduced noticeably. There was no colour change but my hair was definitely stronger.

 I have to say that one must research on the pros & cons before even considering using 

henna. My mum has used it for many years & her hair is amazing so she encouraged me to

use it, I hope that helps you.  

Another Curly Girl Shares Her  No Fail Henna Mix

2 cups (400 mg) of henna (mixture)
2 cups of hot water
1 cup of Greek yogurt
1/2 cup of conditioner
Adding 1/4 cup of honey and 1/4 cup of EVOO to the mixture before I apply it to my hair.

She Allows the mixture to sit out overnight and applies the next day for several hours. 

Then rinsed it out, and follows up  with her go-to deep Conditioner. She is left with 

Strong,  shiny, tinted hair. 

Indigenous Curls Thanks This Curly Girl for Sharing

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