Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hair Feel Like Steel Wool? Winter Time Curl Fix

Hair Feel Like Steel Wool?

Top ways to Boost Moisture

Its Chilly here in NYC.  Fall is in full swing, the leaves are crisp, and so is my hair. With coats, sweaters, wool hats, and dry heat, my strands could use a moisture boost. I don’t wash my hair often in the winter, so that leaves me searching for other alternatives, to keep my hair moist and manageable.  A popular question is “How do I replenish lost moisture without making my hair shrink?” I dive into various techniques that revive dry hair.

1. Wet Bunning – If you have the length, a bun can save your life. They can be a go to style on bad curl days.  Buns can also help you stretch your curls.  If your hair is dry, and you have a few hours, you can try the wet bun technique. Co wash with your favorite conditioner, add a bit of leave in conditioner, and oil, and pull your hair in a slick tight bun. Cover your hair with a silk scarf until dry. When dry, simply remove the bun, shake, and go.  If your hair is not long enough to fit in a bun, you can try this technique using mini pineapples. Section your hair, and using thread, gather your strands into small pony tails, after co washing.

2.  Mist and reset – Twistout feeling a touch dry? Braid out feeling like its parched enough to break? Bantu Knot turned into an unruly bush? Don’t fret! You should reseal and reset! Lightly mist your curls with a water based moisturizer. Be sure your hands are coated with a curl friendly oil, as you reset your hair. You should notice your hair becoming smooth, and more manageable. Misting your stands provides the missing moisture while the braidout, twistout, or Bantu Knot out will help redefine your curls.

3. Steam – You don’t have time to re set your strands? Don’t want to bother with co washing? Simply sit in a steamy bathroom for 10 minutes. Or Bathe without a shower cap. Be sure to style prior to steaming. Fluff out your fro, or adjust your curls, then take a seat, while the steam does the work. After steaming, spray an oil based moisturizer to lock in the results, and go! This is the fastest way to lock moisture into your curls.

4. Green House Method -  Moisturize hair over night, no rinsing required. You can use this method on your braids twists, or afro. 

1. Simply apply some oil on the length of your hair 
2. Put your hair in a bun, ponytail, braids, twists or any other style.

3. Cover your hair with a plastic cap, you can use more than one for extra warmth, you can   use a scarf over it as well.   it is best to get enough heat as possible. You can also lightly mist the cap before putting it on. 

4. Leave your hair covered overnight or leave on for a long period of time 3+hrs. This will create a green house steam effect in the cap. 

5. Remove plastic cap and allow your hair to dry naturally on its own or you can try to speed up the process by using a blow dryer on a cool setting. Your hair should feel slightly damp and not wet.

6. Moisturize and seal your hair as usual and style your hair as desired.