Thursday, November 14, 2013

60 Day JBCO Challenge Results

JBCO Challenge Results

For the Past 60 days I have been doing a JBCO challenge.  Here are the details of this challenge. I have been following these rules for the past 60 days:

Pre Poo: Before Cleaning my hair, I make sure to coat my strands with a protective and nourishing mix of oils.  During this challenge, I will incorporate JBCO in my PrePoo Oil Mix. I will saturate my strands with equal parts Coconut Oil, Argon oil, Sunflower oil, and JBCO for a few hours Before Co-washing.

Co-Wash: When Cleansing my hair and scalp, I use various  Slippery conditioners, to coat and cleanse my hair. During this challenge. I will incorporate JBCO in my conditioners, with  75% of the bottle filled with conditioner, the remaining 25% filled with JBCO.

Deep Conditioner:  I Deep Condition my hair every 2 weeks in the cooler months. I may deep condition more often if needed. I alternate  protein based conditioners with  alcohol based conditioners each time. No matter what type of deep conditioner I choose, I will mix in  10% JBCO during this challenge.  

Sealing: I seal my ends every 2-3 days. I seal my hair using a leave in, water, Shea butter, and oil. During the challenge, I will mix JBCO with raw sea butter, until creamy.  And use that cream to seal the conditioner in my hair. 

Since using JBCO I notice my hair is fuller. I have very little complaints about this product. The only adjustment I had to make, had to cut back on the amount of JBCO used. I found it to be too heavy at times. I resealed my ends with JBCO 2 times a week, as opposed to 7 times.

Here's what I loved, I will continue to do the following:

I will continue to add JBCO to my co wash conditioner, with a ration of 1:3 JBCO to conditioner
I will continue to use JBCO in my Shea Butter Mix, with a ratio of 1:3 JBCO to Shea Butter.

Here are my curls before starting this challenge

Here are my Curls 60Days Later

Join me for the Next challenge: Inversion Method. More to come on this next challenge soon!

Have you Tried JBCO? How Do you Use it? Sound Off!