Monday, September 2, 2013

Fall Hair Care

Fall is my favorite season, the temperatures have already started cooling here in NYC. Cooler temperatures signal it’s time to start rethinking my wardrobe as well as my weekly hair regimen. Though the foundation of my regimen always stays the same, (cleanse, condition, moisturize, seal) some of the products and details change with the seasons.
My hair 4c hair is always on the dry side,  keeping my strands moisturized is always a priority no matter what the temperature is outside. However, during the humid summer months,  I find that I can seal my ends less often, and co-wash more. I also seal with lighter oils and fewer layers, using only leave-in conditioner and One of these sealants:  coconut oil or JBCO or Shea Butter.
When cool weather rolls around I find it necessary to make some adjustments in my hair routine.  As my outfits need more layers, so does my hair.  In the coldest months, I’m using a leave-in conditioner and JBCO & Shea Butter on my strands to maximize the moisture. Here are the other changes:

Cold Weather Regimen
Wash Less  - The first change I make is washing less often. During the summer I enjoy the luxury of co-washing up to twice a week, when temps are upwards of 90 degrees. However,  the harsh NY winters, and warm sweaters leave me looking for other options. During winter I cut back considerably, washing my hair an average of every 14 days.

Seal More – I seal my ends year round. But as the weather cools, I make slight adjustments, paying special attention to my ends. Since water equals moisture and colder months leave me cutting back on washing, I seal with heavier oils, and butters  in an attempt to lock in my wash day moisture for longer. Whereas in the summer I only seal with 2 layers, in the winter I seal with leave-in conditioner, coconut oil, JBCO, and Shea butter.  After a week, I refresh my curls with my home made hair mist, then seal again using butters, and oils. When My hair begins to feel dry again (2 weeks later), I  finally cowash.

Protective styles – During summer I wear my  4c wash n go’s, puff styles, and curly fro’s, but during winter I try to cut back on the amount of  Strand exposure. Colder temperatures brings wool jackets, turtle necks, and cashmere scarves that increase friction against my sensitive strands. As often as possible I leave my hair in twists, braids, or up-dos that protect it from the increased potential sources of damage.

Deep Condition – During the winter I increase the frequency of deep conditioning treatments, and hot oil treatments. I steam my hair in the shower, or use the baggy  method overnight. I alternate 30min deep conditioners &  hot oil treatments (pre poo), every time I cowash. I may Shampoo once during the cold season, using a sulfate fee shampoo. 

Do you change your hair regimen with the seasons? What changes do you make for cold weather?