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Meet This Curly Girl | Tedica

Meet this Curly Girl  | Tedica

Name: Tedica Hercules
Occupation: Child Care provider
Location: Brooklyn NY

Indigenous Curls:  How long have you been natural? What is Your hair type? What made you decide to go natural? Did you Big Chop or Transition?

Tedica :  I have only been natural for about 3 months. I am not 100%  sure what my hair type is because I have always had relaxed hair. I recently was forced to  do a big chop due Detangling issues after  I took out my weave, then wet my hair, without combing it out.. It became so tangled I just had to chop it off. As for as how the new style was received I really didn't embraced it yet! I  put my weave back in immediately. I Never really been a fan of short hair on myself.  I am at a crossroad with my hair. I recently had to a huge chop. Emotion is not even the word.. I cried for three days. Now I am caught between keeping it natural or going back to my relaxed look. Currently I have it in a short bob weave, just to give it some time to grow out. I must admit I have some fear of my natural hair. Fear that I will not know how to handle or how to style it. My natural hair is very fine and curly and I have seen how puffy it can get when humidity hits it. Hence the reason why I always go back to relaxing it. I am not a fan of short hair. Just thinking about the time it is going to take for my hair to grow out, I’m not sure if I’m ready to embrace the  natural hair I’m currently working with.
Indigenous Curls: Welcome! What a journey you’re going to embark on! Once you take a good look at your hair, you will fall in love!

Indigenous Curls: Welcome!!  Although you are new to the natural hair community, Have you developed any Product Must Haves?

Tedica: I do my hair at the salon, I just use the products they have there.. Up until this Big Chop I never really paid attention to what product works well with my hair. Now I pretty much just read through other blogs just to have an idea as to what kind of product I can use if I decide to stay natural.

Indigenous Curls: Great Idea! That’s How I got started. Even years of cosmetology school didn’t prepare me for my own hair journey. I always paid attention to ingredients, now that I’m natural, I am even more particular. I have become a full blown product junkie! I ditched shampoo, tossed out small combs, and picked up a water bottle! Completely different from when my hair was relaxed. It took me a few months to settle into a routine, (Mostly because I was trying Everything!) then I was then able to find what works for me.  What are 2 things you wish u knew before going natural?

Tedica: Two things I wish I knew before I went I went natural… 1. would have to be my exact hair  type    2. an idea of how my natural curls .would look after it is grown out longer.

Indigenous Curls: You know those things in just a few weeks! The great thing about natural hair is that its versatile! It can be wavy, curly, coily, puffy, straight, and back again! I’m excited to continue to follow your journey! Big Chopping was never your intention, but I believe you may inspire many others though your journey!! What’s One word to describe your hair right now?

Tedica :One word to describe my hair right now I would have to say frustrating. Because right now my hair is in the Transitioning  phase. 

Indigenous Curls: I get it girl! Its like being between a rock and a hard place for you. I understand. I transition for a short time before cutting my hair. It was difficult to blend the textures, and detangle  gently. It wasn't until I chopped all the relaxed ends,  that I began to really fall in love. And see the beauty in my coils.

Tedica: I’m  not sure if I want to go back to relaxed or just give my natural a try.

Indigenous Curls: To be honest,  I wasn’t completely “sold” on keeping my hair natural until about 6 months down the road. For the 1st six months, I had a few “Go To’ Styles to get me by. Then I braided my hair. When I removed my braids I fell in Love. Do you have a go to style?

Tedica: My go to hairstyle is just pulled back with a little hair jam . Only because it’s the only way my hair looks even at this point. Did I mention my Big Chop is uneven, one side is 2 inches longer than the other. This really gives me a hard time styling my natural hair. Another reason why I put a  weave in until it grows a little more.

Indigenous Curls: I’m excited to follow your journey. Where can our readers Follow your hair journey.

Tedica: You can see my journey on my blog page, or  Facebook page. Search for Tedica Ballantyne. 


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