Sunday, July 7, 2013

How to Soften Your Curls | Deep Conditioning Challenge

Slip & Slide |  Deep Conditioner Challenge  

A Beauty Supply Store haul has left me with a ridiculous amount of deep conditioning packets. I decided to do an experiment to see what deep conditioner is best for my  4c hair. Each person is different. I recommend that you try this experiment as well.  Here’s what I purchased.

I co washed and sectioned my hair into 8 sections. I applied conditioner to each  section, and allowed it to sit for 1 hour with a plastic cap. 

Here’s My Findings. I liked all of them. Heres Why: 

I loved this since my relaxer days. Smells amazing, leaves my hair moisturized, lots of slip
Cons: Cost, Small Package, doesn't leave my hair as shiny 
Fair product, plenty of Slip, left my hair with extra bounce, my new go to for humid weather

Decent slip, has olive oil, refreshing smell, left hair super soft

Low Slip, Love the Tingle from the menthol , Left my hair shiny, and stronger than before conditioning

Winner! I love this! Perfect slip, Amazing smell, and contains my new favorite oil Argan!!  This  worked best in my 4c curls, leaving them conditioned moisturized, so I had noticeably less frizz on the sections I coated with this product. I was also able to go longer before resealing my hair using this, compared to the other products.   WINNING

What store bought deep conditioning products do you swear by?  Have you tried any of these? What were your results? 

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