Monday, October 14, 2013

Meet this Curly Girl| Sheri is Chic!

Meet This Curly Girl: Sheri 

Name:              Sheri Atwell
Occupation:     Blogger
Location:         New York, NY

1.      Indigenous Curls: What type of curls do you have?

Sheri:  My hair type is a combination of 4a/3c; 4a at the crown and 3c at the back. I am not natural. I am a combination of textlaxed and relaxed. I get that alot!

    Indigenous Curls: Your hair is beautiful! You know, Oprah uses that same method to loosen her curls. Indigenous Curls embraces all curls. Colored Curls, textured curls,  We Love Curls, & all things curly!   What made you want to embrace your curls? How did your family react? 

Sheri: : I started my hair journey because my hair was extremely damaged from relaxing my hair so often (6-8 weeks) and I was tired of relying on hair stylists for the health and maintenance of my hair.

 Indigenous Curls: Tell me about it! I fired my hairdresser, and learned to care for my own curls.  I got a lot of  "is everything ok?" But that soon turned into "I like your hair!".  I think perceptions changed as the hair grew

Sheri: When I started my hair journey,  wanted to grow my hair out to Bra Strap Length,  I was met with a lot of criticism and doubt from my family and friends.  However, after seeing the progress my hair was making, they quickly got onboard and even began asking me for hair tips.

 Indigenous Curls: What are a few things you knew before embracing your curl?

1.       I wish I had known the importance of applying products to your hair in sections.
2.       I wish I had known about the importance of a proper moisture/protein balance in your hair.

   Indigenous Curls:  What are   3 Product Must Haves
  Sheri: I only use natural/organic hair products because I am very concerned about the health effects that can result from many mainstream products.
  My must haves are:
1.       Giovanni 2chic Avocado & Olive Oil Ultra-Moist Deep Moisture Hair Mask
2.       Giovanni Smooth As Silk Conditioner
3.       Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Conditioner

   Indigenous Curls: 1 word to describe your hair. Why?
Sheri: Versatile because I can do anything with it; where it straight or do a natural look.

  Indigenous Curls: What is your go to style, when all else fails?
Sheri: The Top Knot!  Always chic and polished.

     Indigenous Curls: Where can readers follow your journey?
     Sheri: My style Blog is or my Hairlista profile:

   Indigenous Curls: I will be joining Hairlista soon!

 Indigenous Curls: Final words Sheri?
  "Making changes to your hair will always be difficult.  Some people will love the changes you make and others will not.  However, in the end, your hair journey is about YOU.  So, do not let the beauty standards of others distract you or deter you from your course. "  

  Indigenous Curls: Thanks to for sharing you journey with us! 

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